About Kelly

Kelly’s purpose

As long as Kelly could remember she had a sense that her life purpose was to help others. Her belief that the biggest of struggles would bring forth the greatest enlightenments gained Kelly’s trust that her life experiences would pave the path she was meant to live.  

Through the practice of deep listening and surrender Kelly’s path presented her with opportunities that educated her to guide others towards a life of purpose.  

Kelly uses modalities that help others discover, nourish and connect with personal divine health, so they may step into a space of effortless flow towards a life well lived. 

Kelly has spent the past 10 years leading others through the teachings of yoga, aerial arts and nutrition and has witnessed first hand the healing powers of connection to purpose.  

Kelly believes that PURPOSE is when the body, mind and spirit are working together to align us with a destiny and that it is not a place we need to get to, but a place we need to return to.  

It is cultivating a deeper connection of who we truly are.

Kelly’s mission is to be of service to others that are looking to discover, nourish and connect to that deeper part of themselves that gives them a profound perspective of what it means to be human by aligning with personal truth towards divine health.

Accomplishments | Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree | Science in Education 

Aerial Silks | 50 hr Born to Fly aerial silks teacher certification
Founder of Tahoe Flow Arts Studio & co-founder of Tahoe Flow Arts & Fitness
Founder & operator of Tahoe Flow Arts Performance Company
Founder of Align Aerial and Yoga training programs 

Health Coaching and Nutrition
Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Certification 

Yoga | E-RYT 500 hr yoga teacher
Faculty at Experience Alaya Yoga School
Wanderlust Teacher Training | 200hrs
Experience Alaya Yoga School | 325hrs Advanced Training
100hrs Subtle Body Anatomy
100hrs Chakras and Kundalini
100hrs Ayurvedic, Herbalism & Self Care
25hrs Yoga Nidra
Experience Alaya Yoga School Apprenticeship | 350hrs Apprenticeship
200hrs YTT Assistant: Reno, NV
100hrs Assistant for Advanced YTT: Chakras and Kundalini
50hrs The Subtle Body