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Align Aerial strives to educate and heal through movement. The body is a vessel for expression, education and communication – a way to reveal what words cannot and heal wounds that cannot be seen. Movement evokes love, courage, empowerment and humility. Through the art of yoga, aerial, sharing and receiving, we rise together.

Align Yourself Aerial Training

Focusing on ALIGNMENT in body, mind and spirit Align Yourself Aerial Training helps guide students to understand the importance of proper technique, spatial awareness, muscle engagement and creating a clear mindset while building trust within themselves that provides an overall experience of what it takes to move through an aerial practice with more confidence and grace.

Align Yourself Aerial offers 50 hour teacher training programs, intensives and workshops and can be booked at desired locations.

Aerial Arts Workshops & Courses
Align Aerial Arts Teacher Training


Align Yourself Youth Programs provide unparalleled performance art training in aerial fabric, dance, and yoga, with an emphasis on health and wellness. We create a sacred space that turns students and teachers into one big family. Performance training is tough and rigorous, but participants are evoked into self-confidence through these three benefits of training:

Community Perspective

Living in the heart of a mountain town we acknowledge the importance of community. In our community, everyone is expected to look out for one another and do their part. No one gets left behind, or tangled up in the fabrics. Knowing our students’ capability, we encourage them to push past their fear and believe in their abilities. Our teaching creates holistic and fun learning and makes well-rounded individuals that care for themselves and others.

Emotional Intelligence

We are guided by the internal journey of self and its many phases. Our intent is to hold space for the younger generation to openly honor themselves and feel free through self-expression. As performers, we are free to discover our personal depths and express them confidently.

Lateral Thinking

Future aerialists are encouraged to grow into their individuality. Firstly, they need discipline in tricks and techniques, but they also need to divert what they learn into their own personality. Developing an upside-down perspective stimulates imagination and play. Both of which are important to incorporate into our everyday lives for happiness, health, and success.

Aerial fabric basics is designed to build from the ground up. We will get you upside down and flying while building strength and flexibility.
These intensives or workshops will focus on a specific concentration to guide you through your journey in aerial fabric. All students must be able to complete each of our required concentrations to be able to attend Beyond the Basics programs.

Aerial Fabric Basic Concentrations:

  1. Hammock, Single Footlock with Double Fabric Progression (Seq. 1, Bow & Arrow, Crescent Moon)
  2. Single Footlock with Split Fabric Progression (Rebecca Sequence)
  3. Hip Key Progression (Lion-in-a-Tree)
  4. Double Foot Locks (Eggbeaters and Cross-back Straddle)
  5. Inversions, Balances, and Climbs

NO prior experience necessary, ALL students welcome!

These trainings are designed for aerialists who are ready to open themselves up to a world beyond the basics.


Students must have successfully completed all basics concentrations.

These trainings are designed for all students that have successfully completed and can comfortably move through the basics (knot progressions, single foot lock, double foot locks, traditional climb, Russian climb, hip key, cross back straddle, straddles off knot and must be able to remain in the air for at least 5 minutes). Once students have laid out the groundwork to progress safely with their love for aerial, they are ready for Beyond the Basics Training.


Tricks and Technique

This class will focus on technique to understand the fundamental movements and alignment to completing a new trick or sequence, typically any movement that isn’t a basic climb, mount, or lock. They are what makes up the choreography of performance and can range from very simple movements to complex drops, spins, and wraps. With a focus on alignment of the body, mind and spirit we will build up confidence, strength, flexibility, and mindset by drilling the trick or maneuver until we can all safely and successfully complete it with smooth and fluid movements.

Dynamic Alignment

This class is designed for the intermediate aerialist who is ready to explore more advanced wraps, drops, and sequences.

With a focus on ALIGNMENT in body, mind and spirit the student will create proper techniques, spatial awareness, clear mindset, and trust within themselves that provides an overall experience of what it takes to move through an aerial practice with more confidence and grace.  

Prerequisite:  Students must have successfully completed all basic concentration, attended at least 2 Tricks and Technique classes and/or have instructor approval. While Aerial Tricks and Techniques serves as a prerequisite, this Dynamic Alignment class is intended as an expansion to an aerialist’s training, not a replacement for other classes.

View Align Yourself Performance Training workshops & courses

Performance 101

In this course students will learn the steps to putting together a performance. Focusing on the importance of song choice, stage presence, individuality, timing & trick picks students will be able to fully experience what it takes to be able to step out onto a stage and shine.

Performance Trick Picks & Tips

In this class students will learn, fine-tune and create their individual style of play through tricks and poses that will light you up and dazzle an audience

Creating a versatile piece is important. You want your performance piece to appease a variety of audiences and event types as well AHH your audience with trick picks and poses.

Performance Connection

This course is designed for aerial students that are already working or are wanting to work on an aerial fabric performance. By using the body as a container students will connect to a deeper part of themselves that gives them a profound experience of what it truly means to be human. By using yoga, free flow dance and meditation we will set intentions and ignite our sacred fire that will pave the path towards our true ESSENCE and how to outwardly express that truth up in the air.

We will work on meeting the audience, making connections with your apparatus, emotional physiology, being in the flow, alignment (breath and body), utilizing the power of music and entering & exiting the stage.

All students that complete this course have the opportunity to join and perform with Tahoe Flow Arts Performance Company.

The Subtle Body Aerial Course 

In this course students will explore the subtle body on a deeper level.  Through this exploration students will learn to align each layer of their being, through this alignment students will experience the effortless flow of divine grace moving through them.  

Divine grace is a theological term.  It has been defined as the divine influence which operates in humans to inspire virtuous impulses, such as; kindness, honesty, respect, courageous and selfless acts and to impart strength to endure trials.  Virtues are the essence of our character and when we keep the practice of virtues at the heart of everyday life, we live with purpose.

Prerequisite: student must have successfully completed all basic concentration or with teachers approval.

virtuous impulses, such as; kindness, honesty, respect, courageous and selfless acts and to impart strength to endure trials. Virtues are the essence of our character and when we keep the practice of virtues at the heart of everyday life, we live with purpose.


Align aerial arts training is designed to help students discover, nourish, and connect to personal need.  It is through personal need that students can flow effortlessly into alignment of what they want to express in this world, living a life of purpose.  

Through the process of discovery, nourishment and connection, teachers will gain proper skills that build on students’ personal needs to thrive in aerial fabrics with ease and grace.  

Align teacher training course prepares teachers to teach aerial fabric basic skills to beginner students and includes 32 hours of in-class training.  In-class training covers aerial fabric basic movement, alignment and technical skills, progression building, safety and spotting techniques, anatomy for aerialists, injury prevention, class management and the artistry of teaching.  18 additional hours are required for completion to receive certification which includes 2 hours observation, 5 hours assistant teaching, 10 hours teaching, and 1 hour review & feedback.

Hours Include:

  • 32 hours in class training
  • 2 hours observation
  • 5 hours assistant teaching
  • 10 hours teaching 
  • 1 hour review & feedback 

Total: 50 hours

Current Schedule

Saturday & Sunday June 18, 19, 25 & 26, 2022

Time:  8am-5pm  


$750 Super Early-Bird (by April 1)

$850 Early-Bird (by May 1)

$1050 Regular Rate 

Tahoe Flow Arts is a collaboration of high-end, professionally trained, and fully insured entertainers bringing high vibrational performance on expression through a variety of dance styles, circus entertainment, and special skills to tailor your style of event.  

Tahoe Flow Arts thrive on inspiring others to get in touch with their true essence and unlock their hearts to the endless possibilities of this life. We strive to bring the community together to make positive change in the Lake Tahoe basin and beyond.