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Personal Divine Health

Discover | Nourish | Connect

My mission is to be of service to others that are looking to discover, nourish and connect to that deeper part of themselves that gives them a profound perspective of what it means to be human by aligning with personal truth towards divine health. 

Program Offerings

6-month Align Yourself Program

Private and group coaching in lifestyle alignment, weight loss, digestive issues, liver health, prenatal, pregnancy and post pregnancy health, and Ayurvedic practices.

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10-Day Align Yourself Transformation

By aligning yourself with proper nutrition and mindset, you’ll experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep, clarity, balanced mood and effortless flow toward living your best life.

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Lifestyle Alignment 12-week course

Lifestyle Alignment is about deepening your journey in every area of your life. Discovering, nourishing and connecting to a life of purpose.

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