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Do you sometimes feel like everything around you is falling apart, and you have no control over it?

Do you feel more overly sensitive than usual?

Feel hopeless or depressed for no apparent reason?

Well you are not alone and you may be going through a spiritual transition.

Spiritual transition is when you are forced to evolve spiritually, basically creating change.  During this transition it may seem as if everything is falling apart around you.  It’s as if some other force is causing this catastrophe and all you can do is hold on and pray you will make it through this.  You may feel hopeless and/or depressed.  You may become more highly sensitive and more hyper aware of the darkness that lingers in your energy field.  These are all signs that spirit is working through you to guide you to the path you are supposed to walk.

We are born knowing what our life’s purpose is.  I feel this truth deep within the core of my being, I have always had this sense that I’m here to inspire and help people.  I just never fully knew what that might look like.  So I prayed for help many times to shine light on my truth so I may effortlessly live my life’s purpose, but to do so I have to align with my truth.

Aligning with personal truth takes strength, acceptance and trust which isn’t always easy.  It is the resistance that we have towards change that makes life so hard. Change is what gets us to the next level of being, provides us with more wisdom and sets us up to receive what we desire.  It’s when we fight against change that the power of spirit has to step in.

The spiritual side of us doesn’t hold back or put up with our shit.  Spirit will push us in the direction of our life’s purpose no matter how hard of a struggle it may be to get us there.

Best insight I can give is when you are in a space of discomfort, chaos, hopelessness and dis-ease ACCEPT, SURRENDER and TRUST.  You will then begin to understand that things are shifting in a way that is best for your SOUL’s PURPOSE.

Sometimes everything has to break down in order for us to transition into a new way of being. 

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