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“All that we are is the results of what we have thought.”  Buddha 

Change your thoughts, change your life.  

Is it that simple?  

Well there is a bit more to it than just changing thoughts. 

Our being is composed of 5 sheaths or layers (physical, energetic, mental/emotional, wisdom and bliss). An inward map guiding us to the very core of who we are, our ESSENCE.  

It is the physical, energetic and mental/emotional sheaths that we are most attuned to.  The other 2 sheaths (wisdom and bliss) are more subtle but necessary when aligning with thought.  

The physical being is the most tangible for we can see it and feel it through sensations.  When changing thoughts it is important to check in with the physical body.  

It can be challenging to change thoughts and emotions when you are experiencing physical ailments.  When we feel that something is out of sorts physically we can become so involved that we begin to create experiences around that physical feeling bringing us into a state of thought that I AM UNWELL.  When our physical being is not feeling well, our emotional and mental state suffers too as does all the layers of our being.  This suffering can bring us into a state of dis-ease.  

When experiencing physical symptoms it is important to move into a space of nourishment, by eating nutrient dense foods, creating self care practices and getting quality sleep.  Through the process of nourishment we lift ourselves out of the fog and into a more aware state (wisdom).  

Within that wisdom we can start to create change. 

“The mind is a powerful force.  It can enslave us or empower us.  It can plunge us into the depths of misery or take us to the heights of ecstasy.  Learn to use that power wisely.” David Cushchieri

Once the physical being has been properly nourished and the fog has lifted we can consciously start the process of changing thoughts that create life altering progress towards a better you.  

The mental/emotional layer of our being takes experiences, thinks something of them and turns them into meaning that is relevant to you.

It is important to match thought with an emotion to actually create change.  When we ALIGN our emotions with our thoughts and our thoughts with our emotions we then create a new attitude.

What is the difference between a good day and a bad day?  An Attitude 😂

Attitude is a series of thoughts that are connected to a feeling or vice versus.  It is the repetitive cycle of thinking and feeling, feeling and thinking.  

When we ALIGN with a new attitude we change our lives.  


  1. Awareness (wisdom body)- until you are aware of what you are doing to yourself, change will be near impossible to create.  Being mindful gives you the opportunity to perceive that a new reality is possible.   When an emotion arises, stop and pay attention to your thoughts.  This is where you can start to witness a pattern of thoughts attached to certain emotions and vice versa.  By practice of awareness we can uncover and see what thoughts are creating certain emotions and what emotions are creating certain thoughts.  
  2. Discover –   Through discovery you can start to play with thoughts that create positive and negative emotions and what emotions create positive and negative thoughts. This is where we can start to diminish the old thought patterns of negativity and replace it with a NEW pattern of positivity.  
  3. Nourish-  Once we have replaced the negative thought/emotion with a positive thought/emotion we need to provide nourishment for its growth.  Through practice of replacing thoughts/emotions we provide strength for the new thoughts/emotions to flourish and thrive.  Over time the body and mind will memorize the new attitude and let go of the old.   
  4. Connect-  Now that the body and mind has memorized a new way of being, by creating a new attitude we naturally start to connect to the fullness of life.  Through connection we attract people, places and things that align with our NEW attitude, bringing abundance of positivity.   

How do you know change has been made?  

It is when your energetic body vibrates at a higher frequency.  The energetic body is the subtle creative energy that animates every cell of our body, giving life.  

When we change our thoughts we change our vibration, when we change our vibration we attract what we want in this life.  

Exercise: Journal & Meditation

  • Make a list of positive emotions that you would like to feel regularly.  
  • List the people, places and things that help you feel those emotions.  
  • Focus on the emotion of choice, let’s use “joy”. 
  • What does “joy” look like to you?  
  • Imagine what “joy” looks like on you.
  • Think of the things that bring you “joy”.
  • Focus on those thoughts as if it is already in the present moment, see it in your mind, see yourself joyful.  
  • Stay focused on the thoughts that bring you “joy” and keep envisioning yourself joyful until you feel the energetics of “joy” vibrate through your entire being.  
  • Practice this daily until you can replace negative thoughts/emotions with positive thought/emotion without effort.  

Next time you catch yourself in a negative thought pattern, become the observer.   By becoming the observer you have detached yourself from becoming involved with the thoughts/emotions and are able to observe from the outside looking in.  As the observer you can be with your emotions allowing them to serve their purpose.  Bare witness of what triggered such an emotional response by identifying the loop of thoughts that were playing over and over in the mind.  Recognizing triggers is key, through recognition we can discover ways to stop negative thoughts before they begin and replace them with positive thoughts creating a positive flow of emotions.  To replace negative thoughts we must envision positive thoughts as if they were true, nourishing them into emotional existence.  

Once the new thoughts/emotions exist within the energetic field we are now thinking and feeling in alignment.  When thoughts and emotions become aligned, we can connect to a new way of being by memorizing it and storing it as a new pattern, a pattern you want to exist in.  

This is the level where we tap into the wisdom that there is something more, something greater than the physical, mental and energetic body.  This is where we have a sense of knowing a bigger picture.  Where we explore the wisdom that is beyond the good and bad, that there is something sacred. In this knowing we cultivate a trust in that something more,  a new found acceptance that creates experiences of relentless joy, a deep feeling of contentment and sight for a world full of love and bliss.  

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