Lifestyle Alignment 12-week course

Wednesdays, Aug. 10 through Oct. 26, 5:30-6:45 p.m.

Body’s Discovery to Divine Health

In-person or online

Lifestyle Alignment is about deepening your journey in every area of your life.  Discovering, nourishing and connecting to a life of purpose.  

Life is a miraculous journey and we can choose to flow effortlessly on the divine path or stay complacent within the turbulence of divine intervention.  It is a choice. 

In this 12 week course we will discover, nourish and connect to 12 primary areas in our life that make us thrive and those that hold us back.  It is the alignment of all areas that control our wheel to move us down a path of least resistance towards a life we dream. 

Each week we will explore one of the spokes that create our lifestyle alignment wheel.  When all spokes are strong and in tacked the wheel will spin with effortless flow, providing us with a clear path towards living a life of purpose.  When one or more spokes weaken the wheel bumps and shakes creating turbulence on our path, constricting our ability to see clearly.  It is through this struggle we become shadowed by the unknown self.  

Together we step through the shadows shining light on personal truth opening up to divine health to flow within and all around us.  Creating a life of purpose. 

Lifestyle Alignment Wheel: 12 spokes on a wheel

  1. Spirituality 
  2. Creativity 
  3. Finances 
  4. Career
  5. Education
  6. Health 
  7. Physical Activity
  8. Home Cooking 
  9. Home Environment 
  10. Relationships
  11. Social Life
  12. Joy

Course includes:

One, 90-minute session per week for 12 weeks in person or online.  Each session students will explore through meditation, journaling, hand ons exercises and discussion on one primary area to discover, nourish and connect with.  Each week students will be given an exercise to work with throughout the week that will help bring more balance into the area of focus.  Each session will follow up with an email that includes what was discussed in our sessions (highlights, recommendations, references, etc.).  By the end of the 12 weeks students will have the tools to experience life from a healthy perspective and align themselves with a life they were destined to live. 

Align Yourself Add-Ons

Single, 60-minute session add-on

Sessions are our time to talk about goals and how to reach them, check in with how life is going and how you are feeling, discuss food options, education on subjects that surround health and wellbeing, share recipes and much more.  Each session will follow up with an email that includes what was discussed in our sessions (highlights, recommendations, recipes, references, etc.) 

Price: $120

Program Add-Ons

Session add ons are private offerings that help guide the process to living in alignment with personal truth.  By living your truth you feed your heart with love and allow the Divine force to guide you on the path of least resistance towards a life well lived.   

A life well lived is a life filled with happiness, peace and purpose. 

Add-ons include: 

Yoga, meditation, health coaching, nutrition, cooking, personal training, pantry makeover, supermarket tour, Ayurvedic practices, energy healing, home organizing and so much more! 

When you sign up for the lifestyle alignment course, you will receive $50 off your first purchase!

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